Skier in deep snow in the trees at Madarao

Wow... Did we drop the ball! There is just so much snow...

We are just so sorry. We have now worked out it is really hard to write snow reports when there is bucket loads of snow cause all we want to do is ride super dry fresh powder puffs of perfection.

It started absolutely dumping days ago and has been that way ever since. The first night of the storm saw 78cm's which we thought was amazing but actually that was just the beginning. Over the next 3 days it seriously never stopped snowing heavily. We have had well more than 2 meters.

The yurt disappeared and took 2 hours with 4 guys and a tractor to dig out, The signage on the wall at Snowball got covered. Our front garden looked like a cloud garden that meant the walls of the path to the road were 2 m's high.

Luckily Fuzz worked the tractor yesterday and dug us 6 car spots for our weekend Tokyo guests.

The snow on the mountain has been nothing short of perfect. Actually perfect is an understatement. Seriously!

Our guest Paul said he scored a 5 second face shot. Lucky he was out in the open. Who knows what he would have run into otherwise. It is so great to see guests returning with grins from ear to ear. Some of our guests have been riding Japan for years and every single one has said this has been the best snow they have ever experienced.

Anyhoo... Enough from me.

Pic Jack Forster from Snowball Chalet finding the deep

Posted on Sun 30 December 2018