Madarao's delicious restaurants

Madarao has more than 25 restaurants in the village and many more in surrounding areas that we often take guest to. There is an eclectic mix of Japanese and Western food and a wide range of price points with a yummy cheap bowl of noodles just ¥1000 or less and fine dining as well. At Snowball Chalet we make bookings for you so you don't need to worry if you don't speak Japanese. We make your holiday so easy and delicious too.

The food at Snowball Dining is a perfect fusion of Japanese and Western using local ingredients and is a celebration of the meeting of Western and Japanese culture

Snowball Dining Room

Snowball Chalet's new gorgeous dining room is opening this year for the first time.

There will be two menus...

Menu 1. A stunning multi course degustation for just 8 people per night. An opportunity to dine and relax with other guests in Snowball being treated to a fusion of local Japanese delicacies with modern Western fusions. This one probably suits adults best so unless you have a "Foodie" kid it is the perfect opportunity to send the kids next door for pizzas and burgers ...

The bar at Mister Daruma

Mister Daruma

Mister Daruma. Mister Daruma is a relaxed environment with hearty Japanese inspired tapas dishes. Great for families and friends alike, there will be vinyl spinning on the decks, amazing local and international craft beers and an amazing selection of Japanese whiskies. Prices range from ¥2500 - ¥3500 plus drinks per person dependant on how hungry...

Perfect duck with Japanese seasonal vegetables.


Waremokou is our favourite restaurant in Japan. It is a masterpiece of creative Japanese dining. It is in Iiyama so we run a tour for a 9 course degustation with unlimited drinks. Be prepared to be surprised. It is an adventure for the taste buds and you will definitely experience foods you have never had before. The menu changes nightly so you never know what you will get. This definitely suits the more adventurous people who visit. We need at least 6 guests to go on the tour but we can norm...

Delicious Sukiyaki or Japanese hotpot.


Maroudo This restaurant is an excellent traditional Japanese sukiyaki, hot pot experience. The lovely people from the restaurant will drive over and come to collect you and then drop you and you back after your meal. We need to cancel a reservation at Maroudo 24 hours before the reservation so please make sure you let us know if you don’t want to...

Burger at Unjaune burger restaurant in Madarao Kogen Japan


Unjaune is a burger restaurant that serves enormous burgers. They are fresh and good and people love them. If you need a fix of western food this is a great place to start. We normally share a burger between two people but if you need extra fuel for big days on the mountain grab one each.

Sushi at the Mountain Lodge Cafe

The Lodge Cafe

The Lodge Cafe is right next door to Snowball Chalet. Abe san the chef makes a super yummy selection of fresh simple food. The best thing on the menu are her perfect hand made gyoza. They are simply amazing. She also makes burgers, sushi, soba, agedashi tofu and an huge big beautiful salad. The Lodge Cafe has a good selection of sake and beer and the best dart board in town too for those who want to play darts after a big day on the slopes.

We can't book the Lodge Cafe until the day of ...

Sukiyaki platter


Furusato is the Madarao Kogen Hotel's main restaurant. They have two options here... A sukiyaki hotpot or a kaiseki meal (the Japanese equivalent of a degustation). Furusato has really yummy food and stunning mountain views. This is a nice place to come for an onsen at the hotel before dinner and then a delicious Japanese style meal.

Dish at Fat Chef

Fat Chef

Brought to you by Iron Chef Contender and Master Chef Thailand Judge, Chef Mehmet and Active Life presents Fat Chef where rustic and modern cooking become one. We serve hearty pastas, home-made soups, large seafood platters and warm winter stews. With an array of different flavours and cooking methods inspired by local, seasonal and homemade ingredients, we offer you culinary experience at the centre of Madarao village at Active Life Madarao. Ideal for large groups, f...

Delicious tempura don. A Japanese favourite.


Maru restaurant in Pension Maru is serving a delicious Japanese dish called Shabu Shabu. It is similar to Sukiyaki, They will also have a vegan option. Totally yummy especially with Nihonshu (Japanese sake).

Eclectic mix of Jazz paraphanalia


Jazzy. Jazzy is like a step back in time to the heady days of Jazz influenced Madarao. You will see signed BB King, Chet Baker and Maceo Parker memorabilia. The owner cooks lovely Japanese style home cooking and just takes a few bookings a night. It is a privilege going here. The food is simple and not pretentious is hearty and delicious. Prices ...

Okonomiyaki at Drop Off Bar Madarao right in the heart of the village a hop skip and a jump away from Snowball Chalet

Drop Off Bar

Drop Off Bar is a little bar that serves a mix of Japanese and Western cuisine. They have some seriously lovely dishes. Try out their agedashi tofu and soba noodles. Drop Off Bar is right in the heart of the restaurant district in Madarao Mountain Resort.

The bbq at Donguri Tei. Delicious fresh produce on Japanese coals.

Donguri Tei

Donguri Tei This restaurant is a Japanese BBQ restaurant. Grill your own wagyu, chicken pork and veges over the binchotan charcoals. Dip into the BBQ sauce and be transported to a land of delicious hearty flavour. They can cater for vegetarians if need be so everyone can enjoy the experience. The lovely people from the restaurant will drive over ...

Rudolf's amazing wood fired pizza oven.


Rudolf's This is a fantastic Japanese/Italian restaurant run by a lovely Japanese family. Morito san cooks delicious Japanese fare, pizza and gratin for you whilst you marvel at the eclectic restaurant decorations. When Japanese people cook Italian food it just adds another layer of special.

Okonomiyaki on a hotplate


Sakura is a favourite of the locals in the village. Sakura is owned and operated by a lovely Japanese couple from Hiroshima who make the most perfect okonomiyaki which is across between an omelette and a pancake although there is no real way to describe it. Everyone loves okonomiyaki and it should definitely be part of your food adventure in Madarao.

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