Snowball Chalet covered by snow

Unbelievably still snowing...

In an attempt to provide you all with information despite the perfect snow calling me up the mountain I am posting a snow report this morning.

This storm cycle has been so spectacular. We have had metres of snow. Honestly have lost count. I can telly you this though... At the start of the storm we had the lawn cleared down to a few centimeters of snow. Check out the pic for the snow shot. Remember we are talking just 4 days. Snowball Chalet is 2 stories high.

Yesterday I blew my mind with a first track run through the Crystal Bowl Trees on Mount Madarao. I was so happy it hurt. If you can get left side crystal trees first it is like a pathway to heaven. I kid you not.

at least 30 more centimeters since 7pm last night. Not sure since 7 am yesterday at least another 40cm's probably more. It is still snowing now but not quite as heavily. It will be snowing lightly all day today and then back to very heavy snow for we don't know how long from tomorrow. HAPPY NEW YEAR! What a gift this storm has been.

Posted on Mon 31 December 2018