Riding Madarao which is totally deserted is a special kind of weird. It feels naughty but it is also joyful.

In all seriousness this is the stuff dreams are made of!

We consider ourselves to be extremely lucky and honestly we also feel really sad we can't share this fantastic experience with all our amazing guests. It is just a ridiculous situation. Of course we are also really determined not to spread Covid but it feels like a terrible waste that so many more people can't enjoy the magic of Madarao Mountain with huge amounts of snow everywhere.

We did have some trouble getting out of Snowball Chalet accommodation today on account of the snow. The good news is the Yurt roof just keeps on sliding non stop so no dramas there. We have also cleared a lot of our absent neighbours car roofs so the snow doesn't damage them. Yep it is a lot of SNOW!

The skies actually went blue bird today about mid morning and stayed that way till mid afternoon. Then the snow started again. Temps real;ly stable around -4 degreess C. The wind was gentle and it was truly glorious out there. More big snow will start again tomorrow evening.

Posted on Thu 17 December 2020