Snowman apartments with 30 cm of snow on the cars

The pre season snow just keeps on falling...

It's not an overstatement to say we love snow and we have had lots of snow. It was falling fast and furiously last night with about 30cm falling on the front lawn of Snowman Apartments, Shiki at Tangram and Snowball Chalet

It is now proper perfect bluebird. For those of us lucky enough to be here now the resort is totally rideable and it is an easy hike to the summit. The snow is cold and dry and for want of a better word total perfection!

Those people who have booked for December should be getting very very excited. We will see you soon :)

Today's pic is lovely Snowman Apartments with snow on our new artwork which we can't stop marveling at. The idea was first born in 2020 on the architects drawing and has only just been completed.

Posted on Mon 04 December 2023