The deck of Snowman apartments looking out to the glorious forests

Madarao delivers 40 plus centimetres overnight... again!

For those who follow the weather you may have noticed the forecast called for 12cm overnight. There has been well more than 40 but we have to dig our way out the door to get out and measure it.

Madarao is a very hard to predict place and almost always in a good way. if we have a 20cm forecast that can easily mean a metre. The guests at Snowball Chalet and Snowman Apartments are going to have the day of days with proper perfect bottomless blower pow to ride all day long and the mountain is still largely empty. We love perfect December days!

Pic today is the new Snowman Apartments ofuro (Japanese style bath tub) on the deck :)

Merry Xmas everyone!!!!

Posted on Mon 26 December 2022