Huge heel side powder turn and rooster tail

Madarao has blown minds today. 50cm's overnight of super light powder.

The report is very late today because there was just no time to sing praises to the gods of snow this morning before become immersed in the mana that fell from the sky overnight.

We scored first lifts on Tangram lift number 1 today which means first tracks through the most perfect steep, fall line trees on the mountain. This is truly the stuff dreams are made of. We rode with our guests Nicola and Lisa and they were absolutely ripping. We even showed them a bunch of our favourite secret spots on the mountain and they basically ended up not crossing tracks all day... Best day eva!

Our other guest Pauli hired the 158 Mind Expander from Shaggy Yak which did indeed expand his mind... Best day eva!

Ari got the best line of his life through Tangram trees. He did a back hand snap that blew his mind... Best day eva!

That is three Best Day Eva's in a day. Woot woot. Madarao and Tangram... epic.

Pic today is of two day's ago blue bird day making rooster tails down giant. It was super fun!

Posted on Fri 01 February 2019