Perfect turn with bluebird skies at Madarao

Bluebird with fresh snow for days...

After the heavy snowfalls of the previous two days we woke up to perfect sunny conditions on the mountain. Cloud came in around 10:30 and the snow was amazing.

A few of the Snowball Chalet crew caught the number one lift half way up the Mount Madarao and hiked to the top. We had to break trail with snow shoes and skins but it still only took just over an hour because we were absolutely frothing to get that dream run.

Pic from today is a still from video of Jack Forster our Snowball Chalet staff member. Jack will be running mountain tours.

This afternoon will see some warmer weather leading into tomorrow. We should get a little snow tomorrow night followed by hughe falls on the 18th and 19th. Happy days!

Posted on Sun 16 December 2018