Skiing pow is fun. Skiing pow in Madarao trees is really fun!

Blue bird perfection in the morning with 40 - 50 cm falling overnight making perfect conditions even more perfect...

Woots of joy could be heard across the resort with guests spending a lot of time in the White Room. Madarao pow is light and dry and deeeeep. 

We are so lucky here sitting in the perfect location to get absolutely smashed by snow laden magnificence. We don't actually need a storm for it to snow. Just a bit of NW wind and as it ascends up the mountain the moisture in the air condenses into snow, delivering perfect white fluffy joy to all of us.

The guests had a killer day continuing their exploration of Madarao. It is always lovely to see the penny drop when a guest realises they have so much to learn about the secrets the mountain holds. She reveals them slowly but willingly for those intrepid enough to look carefully.

Today's pic guest Jack in the trees in Tangram wondering why the snow is white...

Posted on Thu 05 January 2023