Toe side turn shows Akira snowboarding heaven.

Another 60 centimeters of perfect snow...

Where do we find the adjectives to describe perfection? We are finding it seriously difficult to convey the magnificence of this place.

Here is what we know... When 14 centimeters is forecast and we wake up to thigh deep snow in the snow garden at the front of Snowball Chalet fun will be had. There may be comments such as "Why do I love it so much?", "This snow is perfect", "Oh no... I am never going to be able to ride mountains anywhere else because I have been to nirvana and there is no going back", "Has anyone seen my snorkel?", "Can someone please explain to me how I see the trees when every turn puts me in the white room!".

Here is what we don't know... When Saturday's snowfall comes which is forecast at 31 centimeters how much snow will actually fall? Last time we had a 24 centimeter forecast we got more than a meter. What does 31 centimeter yield? TBA.

Pic today Akira Solo in a massive back hand slash in the step and deep

Posted on Thu 24 January 2019