Dan in the white room with backpack and Mont Bell jacket.

A perfect storm creates a perfect day

Well that day was proper perfect. We couldn't write a snow report today because it was too perfect and we absolutely had to go riding first thing.

Overnight we had lots of snow... We couldn't work out how much because on one side of Snowball it was 45cm's and on the other side it was 1.2 meters. The difference was because of the wind direction. I guess the true amount was somewhere in between.

The snow started last night with a lot of wind and by morning it was totally calm and absolutely dumping. It made for totally bottomless turns that produced face shots with basically every turn. If you weren't going straight you were covered.

We have been riding Jones Mind Expanders for most of the season. They are super fun, pretty bendy and have rocker more or less tip to tail. These things are so perfect for Madarao. No need to have all your weight on the back foot. Just ride centered, float like you are on a cloud. Really basically totally perfect.

Can't wait for tomorrow and the days beyond because we still have big snow coming. Woot woot.

Pic today... Just another face shot :)

Posted on Mon 21 January 2019