Today's pic Kon exiting the much sought after White Room in Tangram trees. Fresh untracked snow everywhere.

Wake up to thigh deep snow on the Snowball Chalet garden. Know for certain the skiing and snowboarding will be perfection!

There are some absolutes in this world and one of them is if there is thigh deep snow in the front garden of Snowball Chalet the skiing and boarding will be incredible. We tested this absolute and found it to be true. Totally true.

Big storm overnight covering the entire resort in deep perfect shiny white. The tree runs in Tangram and Madarao are really incredible. Thought you all might like to know the path we take to start the day...
1. Hop on the quad in Madarao and ride into River Line a perfect tree'd powder bowl which is steep and gets really loaded as the prevailing wind is across the River Line valley.
2. Drop River Line again :)
3. Head over to the Crystal Bowl trees right through the centre of it popping out onto Crystal Bowl groomer (which this morning had 15 centimetres of fresh snow on it.). We then follow the new cat track that links Crystal Bowl and the main part of Madarao and hop back on the Quad.
4. Drop back down into Crystal Bowl Trees but this time ride the ridge which is a super pretty perfectly curated tree run that is perfect for intermediate skiers. We like it because after the rush and madness of a pow morning it is a lovely re-set.
5. We pop onto the Pizza Box single chair and cruise along Adventure Alley to Powder Wave and follow it into Ninja for some widely spaced high speed powder tree run joy. At the bottom we hop on Madarao lift 15 to start our Tangram Ski Circus mission. Time 9:42.
6. From the top of Madarao Lift 15/Tangram 1 we ride the cat track and explore the perfection of Tangram's main tree run a long ridge dropping down into a massive tree filled powder bowl. You can really spend all day in here but we do 1 run at this time and head back up Tangram Lift 1 and onto Tangram lift 2 which opens right when we get to the top at 10am.
7. Off the top of Tangram 2 we go lookers right into the top section of Lake View Line and ride the incredible treeless powderbowl of Kings Slalom a wide open powder bowl that you can open up on and push 30 foot rooster tails off the tail of your skis or board.
8. Go exploring...

Madarao and Tangram have vast tree runs and powder bowls all over the mountain. It takes about 2 weeks to explore the majority of the mountain but every season we keep finding hidden gems. The treasures truly reveal themselves slowly so there is always incredible riding to find. In 5 years of riding all season long here we are no where close to finding everything. It is mind boggling just how much hidden terrain there is and that isn't even including the vast side and back country. 

Temps minus 6-8 degrees C today with a north west wind at around 20kph. Tonight will bring more snow :)

Today's pic Kon exiting the much sought after White Room!

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Posted on Mon 08 February 2021