The Sumo tournament in Tokyo is seriously amazing

50 centimetres overnight and fun right across the mountain!

It's the kind of day we live for. perfect snow across the entire mountain with totally epic conditions everywhere. The guests and staff of Snowball Chalet left no run unridden except for Andy and I because we had a date with the January sumo tournament in Tokyo.

Some may say this was bad timing and that may have been true but what a day it was. box seats right near the arena makes for perfect viewing of one of the spectacles of Japan. The culture here is fascinating and even though I am super bummed to have missed a day in big snow I wouldn't have traded and missed the epic sumo.

A big shout out to guests Kate, Paul, Tobi and Charlie for hanging out with us and to the Bariols who we are sorry we missed. Hope you loved it too!

Pic today... You guessed it. Sumo!

Posted on Tue 10 January 2023