Snowball Chalet's new natural snow sculpture

The first snow report of the 2023-24 season!

A big wonderful storm dumped 42 centimetres of fluffy white gorgeous snow on the front lawn of Snowball Chalet last night and it's still snowing.

This is the first ever November Snow Report for Snowball Japan and it isn't even the first snow this season. We had 10cm last week which we pretended didn't happen but 40 + centimetres is hard to ignore.

Luckily yesterday we had the good sense to pop snow tyres on the vehicles, put the lawn mower in storage and batton down the hatches. Made the silly rookie error of forgetting to put away the summer garden furniture.

Also may not have been the best idea to ride a pushy to Mister Daruma last night for dinner. The bike is still there. Buried.

More snow in the forecast for Wednesday and Thursday. Stay tuned.

Today's pic is from the Snowball Chalet dining room looking at our new abstract snow sculpture...

Posted on Sat 25 November 2023