Tom in the trees riding a snowboard

35 cm's of light dry powder descends upon Madarao and the lodges here

Well it just keeps on coming and there is a lot more on the way...

This season has been nothing short of sensational. Every guest we have had has scored at least one day of perfect conditions and the ones who have stayed for longer periods have been in powder paradise.

Today will be spectacular with big snow drifts in the trees and the groomers will be yield 30 foot rooster tails with a foot of powder on top of the corduroy.

Pic today of Fuzz well and truly deep in the snow. Fuzzy scored the blue Mont.Bell Stream Parka for the season. He basically hasn't taken the thing off all season. Fuzzy rides hard and fast and bombs just about everything. We love riding with Fuzz. We call it the Fuzzy Sessions.

Posted on Sat 26 January 2019