Dan coming out of a face shot kicked up from a fat heel side turn

Snow snow snow for the last day of the year and it was good. It was very very good...

It started snowing in the morning yesterday but not all that much fell and then at around 7pm everything changed. By 8:30 we had 60 c's of fresh on the Snowball Chalet front lawn and at 9:30 pm we knew we had no choice but to start digging Snowball out. a couple of hours later and we had a clear path around the Yurt and from the road to the front door. 

It was clear the 152 Storm Chaser wasn't going to be enough board for me so I waxed up the 158 Mind Expander. Still not my step up 157 Storm Chaser or 162 Mind Expander but the weapon of choice for the next day.

Snow cleared, board ready I fell into bed knowing that freshies were on.

The morning saw another 30 + of snow and we booted up and headed down to Madarao for first lifts. A few moments later the lifty told us the lift needed a replacement part and it would be an hour. We hightailed it back to Snowball, hopped in the car, drove down to Tangram, jumped on lift number one and boom. Dropped perfect untracked Tangram trees into the best pow yet of the season. Bottomless, face shot every turn. The nexty ten runs were more or less a rinse and repeat scenario. This is just about as good as riding snow can be. Waist to chest deep turns, bottomless pow. big floaty board (definitely could have busted out the 162 Mind Ex).


Pic today - About as insane as snow gets. The heel side face shot exit. Everyone loves the white room!

Posted on Thu 31 December 2020