Every turn you make in really good snow sprays snow around. On this turn it went straight up...

We are spoilt in Madarao Kogen with another 30 centimetres of snow bringing the two day total to 60.

Today we awoke again to more snow. This time it came in with a bit more wind filling in the last of the remaining tree runs making the whole mountain rideable. There were pockets of windblown in the upper mountain but by and large everything is lovely. It has continued to snow heavily all day bringing another 20 or so centimetres.

The temperatures hovered around -4 degrees C so the conditions have been absolutely perfect. Following this years theme even on a Sunday there is hardly anyone on the resort so fresh tracks everywhere are easy to find across the entire mountain.

8 of the next 12 days will bring snow, sometimes just a little, sometimes a lot. Here comes February.

Pic today is another from yesterday... Sometimes when you turn the snow goes straight up!

Posted on Sun 31 January 2021