Dan riding untracked bottomless powder on the Tangram side of Madarao Mountain

Easily the best day of the season so far. 40 centimetres of fresh and the whole resort open for the first time meaning riding on a 3 meter base that has no track in it at all.

It's a perfect day. Not just the best day of the season but one of our best ever snowboarding days. Very few people around, bottomless pow, tree runs open everywhere, pow on every groomer slope just pow pow pow.

We woke up and it was still a little cloudy but as we were heading up the first lift the blue started to poke through and by mid morning we were riding bluebird bottomless Madarao. We had to hit River Run first and it did not disappoint. Steep tree runs are amazing but for those into something more mellow there were wide open powder fields everywhere and groomers of perfect cuorduroy. The day of days in other words.

We have a few clear days coming up followed by a 10 day storm. Actually that is as far as the forecast goes so it may be longer. It is going to be a get up, ride, clear snow, sleep repeat kind of vibe. Woot woot!

If you are one of those people who has the right to be in Japan you are insane not to be here. This will truly be the season of seasons. LaNina year coinciding with abandoned resorts. It is super sad we can't share this but Snowball has a few friends who could be in their own lodges who aren't. What are they thinking?

Anyhoo. Enough of that.

Today's pic Dan riding bottomless untracked fresh with big toe-side rooster tail...

Posted on Sat 26 December 2020