Kudo san big heelside turn on way down from the top of the peak run from the other day

Bluebird perfect day in Madarao with stunning views to the sea, Shiga range and Iiyama

Every direction you look today it is just gorgeous. The mountain started the day glowing orange and then it's icing cake mantle shone the brightest gorgeous white. We have so much snow it is silly.

Lot's of roofs in town slid today. You had to be really careful where you walked because many of them had the 2.5 meters of snow still on them. Tractors were bogged everywhere and the Snowball Chalet tractor had its first mini service for the season.

Temps started at -6 degrees C, Briefly got up to 2 degrees and are now sub zero again. No wind at all. More fine weather on the way.

A special shout out today to Aki and Tomoko san from Aki's pub for a delicious pizza and perfect Allpress coffee. Thanks Aki. You are a star.

Pic today Kudo san ripping...

Posted on Tue 22 December 2020