Dan in the Tangram trees with snow lit up by the sun.

Bluebird Tangram perfection. Meters of fresh snow from the storm and 6 people on the mountain.

We have been wondering if there would be many people riding this season. Now we know the answer. It is 6. 6 people in Tangram. Just 6. Kudo san and I were two of them. That makes 4. Just 4 people. We now know it is impossible to track out the resort with just us. In fact we did a pathetic job of it. There are too many fresh lines to be had.

Weather today a glorious bluebird blue, a fresh dusting of just 10 centimetres which is nothing for here, a light breeze and -6 degrees C this morning. Warmed up to -2 for the day. We are in for a few days of clear-ish skies so we now have time for some much needed snow clearing. Then the next storm will be here. We love Japan, Japaow, Madapow and Nagano prefecture because it is amazing!

Pic today Dan remembering why he loves Tangram so much. There were many perfect turns had today this is just 1.

Posted on Mon 21 December 2020