Kudo san and Dan finding freshies. Actually there were freshies everywhere!

Well it is the gift that keeps on giving. Way more snow overnight.

The roof of the yurt is now attached to the snow on the ground. Yep. They are one. As stated previously we have lost the snow clearing battle. We are ok with this. We have come to terms with it. so we went riding and we found the deepest, lightest most joyous pow to set our souls at ease despite defeat.

In theory the snow is supposed to let up tonight. We will believe it when we see it. Little to no snow over the next four days and then another beast of a storm will settle upon the kind folk of Madarao.

Today was a good and cold one. -6 degrees C, a light wind and snow all day long.

Pic today Kudo san and Dan being powder pigs

Posted on Sun 20 December 2020