Snowball Chalet completely covered by snow. That is more than 2 meters in the front garden.

245 Centimeters from the Madarao Mountain storm so far with more snow tonight and tomorrow

We are battling to clear snow but we simply need to accept the fact that we have lost. We may yet win the war but this battle is over. We lost. We have accepted it.

So far the storm has delivered 250 cm's of perfect light dry pow to Madarao. It has covered every accommodation and at Snowball Chalet we have all but given up. 

We managed to dig our way out this morning and we managed to dig our way back in this afternoon.

More snow in the forecast, they are saying another 32 centimetres. We shall see what eventuates but it is snowing so heavily right now we can't see across the street. Temps hovering between -3 and -5 for most of the day.

Yay. We love snow even when it defeats us.

Pic today of Snowball Chalet. At least what you can see of it...

Posted on Sat 19 December 2020