Adam coming out of the white room covered head to toe in snow

Woke up to knee deep snow and it just kept coming delivering bottomless pow across the resort

With only 8 centimetres forecast it was a lovely surprise to wake up to knee deep snow and it was absolutely dumping still which it did all day long.

The whole resort went bottomless and there were just no people on the mountain giving us fresh tracks all day long. It snowed and snowed and snowed. It is still snowing. Snow snow snow. It is dumping at around 15 centimetres and hour. Not the biggest Snowfall for Madarao (we can get 50 an hour) but this one has been non-stop.

Tomorrow will be appropriately perfect again. Today for the first time this season busted out the Jones 157 Mind Expander. It was so floaty and joyous. Will definitely be getting another run tomorrow.

Tomorrow should go blue bird with hardly a breath of wind making for simply perfect riding in cold deep light pow. 

Today's pic is Adam getting covered head to toe in Madarao's white gold...

Posted on Tue 19 January 2021