Kudo san embracing the perfect snow at Madarao Mountain Resort

Wow wow wow! Today was a day of days...

It is hard to believe a one run day could be the day of days but wow wow wow. Today exceeded all expectations. We hiked to the peak of Mount Madarao and rode down it's perfect face in bottomless joyful pow.

It has been snowing non stop for days. The snow in the front yard of Snowball Chalet is well over a meter now and it has stayed nice and cold so the snow is as dry as dry could be.

We hiked from the very bottom as no lifts are running yet and breaking trail in this much snow is a serious undertaking. We reached the top in just under two hours and got ready to drop into what really looked like white icing on a cake. There was just perfect un adulterated lines and sadly we could only take two. It was snowing so heavily by the time we got to the bottom our lines would have been covered back up anyway.

Today is one of those days you dream about and we will.

Snow will start easing up from tomorrow around mid morning and then Friday will come in again in a big way. The gift that keeps on giving. Wind today mild and temps around -5 C at the bottom and - 8 C at the top.

Pic today is of Kudo san on his Jones Mind Expander learning what snowboarding really is.

Posted on Wed 16 December 2020