Coffee in cafe in Japan

Legit Great Coffee in Japan

There’s pretty much only one complaint I hear from Aussies and other visitors to Japan… bad coffee.

So I made it my personal mission to solve this problem. Because if there’s one thing I’ve learnt from all my time in Japan – if you think it doesn’t exist you just haven’t looked hard enough.

And the Japanese don’t like to disappoint.

And they are hipster gods.

So of course there’s great coffee in Japan – they call it Third Wave coffee.

You can now spend days googling this term and making a list. Then weeks tackling Tokyo’s public transport system and non-existent address system to hunt these places down and try the coffee for yourself.

Or just enjoy the fruits of my very dedicated, borderline obsessive, coffee-loving labour and check out my Tokyo Top 10 coffee faves below.

You’re welcome :)

x Andy

ps… the cafes I’ve tried are in decent locations, offer soy milk (not so easy to come by) and open at a reasonable hour (not all Tokyoites have cottoned on to the power of the Great Bean to wake you up).

pps… for those of you coming to stay with us at Snowball Chalet, there’s also a range of great espresso coffee in town too. We’ll show you where to get the good stuff. Don’t you worry about that.


Location: Shibuya-Yoyogi

Open: 8am Mon-Fri, 9am Sat-Sun


Notes: Décor, vibe and service were exquisite. Visit if you love yourself some Nordic retro design with a dose of Japanese hipster cool. Coffee (soy) was unfortunately really average. Maybe you’ll have better luck trying black or regular milk?

Turret Coffee

Location: Tsukuji

Open: 7am Mon-Sat, 12pm Sun


Notes: This was the winner in terms of coffee quality. It was strong, creamy, tasty deliciousness. And, like a small miracle, it opens at 7am!! And it was small and hip and friendly and near the Tsukuji Markets. Perfection.

Deus ex Machina (aka “Day-us”)

Location: Harajuku

Open: 9am every day


Notes: It was a hell-hot day so I had a soy iced coffee. It was magical. And I lost my mind over my meal which had Real Fresh Food – avo smash even! Yes, it’s born of Aussie origins but there was nothing but Japanese staff and patrons on our visit.

The Local Coffee Stand

Location: Shibuya

Open: 8am Mon-Wed, 10am Thur-Sun


Notes: A short stroll from Shibuya station, this is a cool little coffee spot with great, full bodied coffee. For those after a good kick make sure you order a double shot. The tunes are cruisy and the barista really keen to practice her English.

Gorilla Coffee

Ikebukuro: 8,30am every day

Shibuya: 7.30am Mon-Fri, 10am Sat-Sun/Hol

Roppongi: 8.30am Mon-Fri, 10am Sat-Sun/Hol


Notes: Heralding from Brooklyn NY, we tried the Ikebukuro branch and it wasn’t half bad – though it felt a bit franchisey. Yep, that’s a peanut butter-bacon-banana toasty in the pic. They also have “eggslut” on the menu. At least I didn’t go there.

Coffee Valley

Location: Ikebukuro

Open: 8am Mon-Fri, 9am Sat-Sun


Notes: Near the station, this was a lovely coffee stop boasting their “Three Peaks” triple-cup offering of espresso, latte and drip coffee (from the same beans). Not my top pick for perfect coffee but probably your best bet if you’re staying in North Tokyo.

Streamer Coffee

Shibuya: 8am M-F and 10am Sat-Sun

Harajuku: 9am M-F and 11am Sat-Sun

Nihonbashi: 8am every day

See here for all 21 locations and opening hours


Notes: This popular coffee co seems to open a new location each week. Could be the solid quality coffee, crazy-delish donuts or taste experimentation - think dirty cinnamon chai, coffee jelly or their Military Latte (espresso with green matcha tea).

Glitch Coffee

Location: Jimbocho-Kanda

Open: 7.30am Mon-Fri, 9am Sat-Sun


Notes: Importing beans directly from Kenya and Tanzania, this place takes coffee seriously – and it tastes that way. The café is located in an ‘old school’ part of town without all the lights and fuss, so kick back and enjoy the chilled, friendly vibes.

Mojo Coffee

Kagurazaka: 7.30am Mon-Fri, 9am Sat-Sun

Waseda: 7.30am Mon-Fri, 9am Sat-Sun

Harajuku: 8am Mon-Fri, 9am Sat-Sun


Notes: Another great option with a few great locations – clearly curated to service young hip Tokyoites. Waseda offered a light and peaceful - though slightly stark - cafe with tasty espresso and nice range of nibbles.

Sarutahiko Coffee

Location: Ebisu

Open: 8am Mon-Fri, 10am Sat-Sun


Notes: If you find yourself in the under-rated southern suburbs of Tokyo, head to Sarutahiko for your morning fix. It’s a super cosy café with cute cups, friendly service and great coffee – defo order a double shot though.

A few others I plan to try… (I know, I’m like a total martyr for all humankind)

Onibus Coffee: Naka-meguro,

The Roastery by Nozy Coffee: Jingumae Shibuya,

Blue Bottle Coffee, 6 locations in Tokyo:

And if somehow I can turn this coffee-drinking gig into a full-time career I’ll work on covering all cities and regions of Japan :)

Posted on Wed 11 October 2017