Snowball Dining Room

Snowball Chalet's new gorgeous dining room is opening this year for the first time.

There will be two menus...

Menu 1. A stunning multi course degustation for just 8 people per night. An opportunity to dine and relax with other guests in Snowball being treated to a fusion of local Japanese delicacies with modern Western fusions. This one probably suits adults best so unless you have a "Foodie" kid it is the perfect opportunity to send the kids next door for pizzas and burgers while you relax with great food and delectable wines, sakes and whiskies. There will be just one sitting for this menu starting at 6pm.

Menu 2. A 3 course down to earth yummy relaxed experience that will be perfect for kids as well so the whole family can enjoy the night together. There will be 2 sittings for this menu, a 5:30pm sitting and a 7:00pm sitting.

The Snowball Dining Room is all about relaxing with friends, new and old, delicious food, great wines and drinks without having to brave the snowy streets of Madarao.